The Five C’s

These are fundamental to business: Collaboration, Continuity, Compliance, Copyright and Cost.


Business units and teams can work together whether in adjoining offices or a world apart achieving operational objectives like saving time, streamlining processes, cutting costs, and improving time to market.


With centralized offsite DAM vaults where all vital digital assets can reside ensures that business operations continue in the event of any disruption.


Securing compliance for regulators and other standards helps limit risk and cost, ensuring proper business practices are followed so the digital asset is properly managed, stored, preserved, delivered and disposed of at the appropriate and legal time in its lifecycle. For some industries, all customer communications must be kept as business records.


Detailed registration with date stamped proof of Intellectual Property safeguards ownership of digital assets.


The cost of not implementing Digital Asset Management is too often left unmeasured until too late.
Things like the cost of long legal proceedings, the loss of repeat business through the inability to perform simple customer service interactions, the cost of typical business process delays and salaries, let alone thecost to acquire new customers, are easy to measure after the fact but by then it may be too late.
Digital assets are distinguished by the quality of information (metadata¬Ě) describing the asset, which is important for maximising the re-use and financial value of intellectual property.
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